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About Us Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder

Hello, we're Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder!

Welcome, and thank you for coming to our website. We’d like to tell you a little bit about ourselves here at Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder. We are a family-owned and operated establishment. I have a good general health history, and there have been no reports or occurrences of hip dysplasia or genetic eye issues. All our shiba inu puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee. Our family is really loving. Along with my wife and me, there are our two children. We have been a reputable breeder of AKC shiba inu puppies, producing top-notch puppies. Every adult shiba inu is CH-pedigreed and AKC-registered.

How shiba inu breeder Work

Our shiba inu puppies are born and raised in our home, not in a kennel. Our adult shiba’s are full time house dogs with access to our huge, fenced backyard. They spend their days playing in kiddie pools and chasing each other around the yard, then snoozing in the sunshine! Our puppies are all spoiled from the moment of their birth on, and we will be very picky about the homes they join! We want our babies in families, not in kennels or breeding-only homes. Expect lots of questions from us.

My shiba inus have all had their vaccinations and dewormings. Vaccinations are administered at the ages of 5, 7, 9, and 12 weeks of age. To provide optimal coverage, only the best vaccines are utilized, and no corners are cut.

To hold your new shiba inu puppy, we will require a deposit. The balance of the money is required in full by 7 weeks of age. Your puppy will be ready for pickup at 8 weeks of age. Prior to shipment, shipping fees must be paid.

Shiba Inu Breeder Adoption Process


shiba inu breeder
Tailwag shiba inu breeder
Find your pet

Preparing yourself and your home to adopt a dog will be your first step. Make sure you are ready for the physical and financial responsibility of a dog. Find a puppy online on our website.


shiba inu breeder
Tailwag shiba inu breeder
Know your pet

If everyone agrees the dog you’ve chosen is the right one for you, then it’s time to get to know each other! It’s best for everyone in the household to meet the dog to rule out allergies or other issues.


shiba inu breeder
Tailwag shiba inu breeder
Take your pet home

When everyone is happy that your chosen dog is the right dog for you and that your home is suitable and ready for its newest addition, it’s time to have your new family member officially signed over!

Tailwag shiba inu breeder

Happy Clients

Tailwag shiba inu breeder

Puppies Adopted

Puppies For Adoption

Want a shiba inu for your loved ones?

Thank you for coming to our website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at any time.

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