I Don’t Want A Show Dog, Only A Shiba Inu For Sale

Tailwag Shiba Inu For Sale

Many people are looking for Shiba Inu for sale, especially families who want a dog but don’t want to pay the high price that breeders charge or go through the often invasive interview process. They believe they are getting a better deal when getting a dog for a lower price, such as a Lab for $300 or a Shepherd for $150.

However, I want to change your mind and make you realize the benefits of buying a show-bred dog. I want you to insist on a show-bred dog rather than choosing a cheap dog, which is a rip-off. When your workmate or brother-in-law tells you they are buying a dog from a neighbor or getting one for free, I want you to educate them about the benefits of buying a show-bred dog.

Here’s why:

When looking for a shiba inu for sale, you’ll likely be looking for specific characteristics, such as personality, ability to perform tasks, relationships with other animals or humans, size, coat, and temperament. These things make a particular breed unique and different from other breeds. You’ve already made a good decision by understanding the differences between breeds and choosing the one that best matches your picture of what you want a dog to be.

However, the next step is where many people go wrong. When finding a shiba inu for sale. They find a dog of that breed for as little money and with as much ease as possible. This is like going to a used car dealership, watching them remove the “Audi” plate from a new car, and then sticking it on an old car. You may feel smug that you got an Audi for so little, but it is no bargain.

More Details

The things that make a breed unique are only there because someone worked hard to get them there. As soon as that work stops, the dog starts to become generic. You may still get a good dog, but it will not be a good Shepherd, Puli, or Cardigan. You will not get the specialized abilities, tendencies, or talents of the breed.

shiba inu for sale

You should rescue a dog if you don’t need a particular breed’s unique abilities or predictability. If you want a purebred Shiba Inu for sale, the worst thing you can do is assume that a name equals anything. You need to look for a breeder who is dedicated to the breed and produces dogs that are more than just a breed name. If you don’t understand that the breeder is working hard to keep the dogs looking and acting like their breed, you are only getting ripped off and not getting a bargain.

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