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This is my “Fun” page, filled with happy puppies and their families. I would like to thank all my new Shiba owners that have sent me pictures and reviews. I love to keep updated on your puppies.

Tailwag shiba inu breeder

Cyndie & Anita Humphrey / Memphis, TN

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know how great both girls are doing. , and they’re rambunctious and playful. Cyndie and I are delighted we got sisters since they play, eat, and sleep together, have no worry when we leave, and are maturing into excellent girls. I’d like to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to acquire these two girls. They bring us so much delight!”

Jennifer Sigler / Norfolk, VA

“We couldn’t be happier with this little guy!” He’s self-assured, and as sharp as a whip. He might be the best of them all and that’s saying a lot. He is interested in everything discovered, and has blended in easily with our group. Meg fell in love with him right away; Maru took a little longer and has less patience with him, but he’s eventually warming up to him. Overall, things are going well.”
Tailwag shiba inu breeder
Tailwag shiba inu breeder

Ryan kichler / Tampa, FL

“Yuki (Mirage) is adorable and lovely; she is the center of attention in our family and keeps me busy every day.” Darcy, my younger cat, is her best buddy and trainer; they fight and play every day. Yuki can’t seem to stay away from him when they’re together. “Thank you for this wonderful puppy.”

Alison & Thomas Wood / Mesa, AZ

“Lizzy has been an amazing darling; I was anticipating her to attempt to devour everything in my house and to have to work on house training her, but she has yet to have an accident in my house. She gets along well with her older brother, and they run about and play all day. She is the most beautiful girl, and people frequently stop me to compliment her on her beauty. I just wanted to give you an update on how wonderful she has been.”
Tailwag shiba inu breeder
Tailwag shiba inu breeder

Monika Zalewska / San Jose, CA

“Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on Takumi! He just returned from the vets and is absolutely healthy, as well as being an absolute angel for the vets! He’s quite kind and affectionate. His feline and canine siblings adore him. Everyone around him adores and loves him, and he’s even learning tricks! Thank you so much for allowing me to welcome him into our lives.”

Jalen M Britton / Atlantic City, NJ

“Hi It’s been a couple months. I wanted to express my gratitude for all of the information you supplied and for answering all of my stupid inquiries. I’m so glad I listened to your advice about his personality – he’s the perfect fit for our family. He honestly tolerates my two-year-old tormenting him whenever she has the opportunity.”

Tailwag shiba inu breeder
Tailwag shiba inu breeder

Dianne Sano / Houston, TX

“Akuma is settling in nicely at his new home.” He gets along well with his new brother and sister, and he’s doing well with potty training. He’s an extremely bright young puppy! So far, we adore him, and I couldn’t be happier with my new baby. Thank you a lot.”

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